Our adult Sunday school classes are focused on encouraging discipleship through learning together and exploring how to put what we learn into practice in practical ways.

Classes begin at 11:30am on Sundays, following our Sunday worship time.

Our current classes start September 2, 2018: 

Adult class: Studying the Bible for Spiritual Growth – Why read the Bible? What does this old book have to do with us in GTA in 2018? Do we treat the Bible like the Farmer’s Almanac? The Bible is far more meaningful to Christians. This class will provide the students with the tools to be able to read, interpret and apply the Bible into our lives today. Personal and group Bible study techniques will also be discussed and practiced. Course to be taught by Jimmy Young in the Choir Room downstairs.

Adult class: How to Break a Sinful Habit – Why is temptation so attractive and powerful? Why is it so easy to slip back into the same old sinful pattern? How can I find victory and deliverance? Most people know the cycle: We decide to break from a bad habit once and for all only to find ourselves right back at it after a short period of success. We will study together an discover spiritual answers to spiritual problems. We will look at practical tools that help us find freedom from enslaving patterns. Course to be taught by Pastor Vic in the north fellowship hall (basement).

Senior High class – We welcome all new & returning high schoolers in grades 9-12 starting Sept 2. Together, we will choose a new Bible series to follow. Led by Matthew Wall in the Student Lounge (basement).

Junior High class – The psalmist asks how a young person can keep the way pure, with the answer being “by keeping it according to Your word” (Psalm 119:9). Our grade 6-8 students will be focusing on writing His Word on the ‘tablet of our heart’. Join us in room 11 (basement).